5 Amazing Ideas To Design Your LED Neon Signboard

Neon signboards are easily the most eye-grabbing way to get people to notice your business establishment. When one thinks of a LED neon signboard, it usually reminds them of a busy street in Vegas filled with casinos and clubs. But the truth is that with the right design, even an attorney or a fashion store can use a LED neon signboard to their advantage.

So, here are five ideas that you can incorporate while designing your LED neon signboard.

1.      Block letters in a box

This is as simple as it gets, but it is also highly effective if used in the right manner. Firstly, choose the most impactful words possible; the lesser, the better! If you have a new opening, stick to ‘Open Now’ or if you are giving a special sale, mention ‘50% Off’. These neon signs are not for mentioning details; rather, they are to bring in customers who will be interested in finding out more.

The box around the words helps further draw attention, and the color combination between the letters and the box is something you need to pay attention to as well.

2.      Minimal designs with single words

LED neon signboards work great if you place minimal designs in them. For example, an eatery can have a burger made out of LED neon lights with the word ‘open’ next to it, or a fashion store can have a shoe design with the word ‘sale’ next to it.

It is important that the company you choose to get your LED neon signboard made from has a good designing team who will be able to bring your ideas to life.

3.      Vertically placed words with an arrow

Want to have a big LED neon signboard but lacking space? If you have it placed vertically, then you can overcome the space issue with ease. But you need to make sure that you are choosing a singular word as too many words can confuse the reader.

Finish up with an arrow pointing towards your store so that the reader’s eyes don’t stop just at the sign but are guided to your doorstep.

4.      Cursive writing

People are so used to seeing block lettered LED neon signboards that they forget cursive writing works amazingly in this style as well. Once again, the lesser words, the better. Or you can also combine a big block lettered word with cursive writing below it.

In a busy street that already has a lot of LED neon signboards, cursive writing will help you stand out as well.

5.      Animate using LED neon

Using the LED Neon lights as a mode of animating the words is a great option as well. You have to decide about this as it can also confuse the reader. For example, if your sign reads ‘Open Now,’ then you should animate only the word ‘now.’ Or you can have an animated arrow pointing towards your store as well.

Use any of these ideas, and you are most likely to see an upsurge in your footfall!