Color-Coded! Matching Right Colors When Picking Custom Neon Signs

Colors play a significant role in decorating and accentuating any form of design, style or décor. They are powerful, vibrant and can add life to any setting.

 At the same time, it’s extremely important to go right with them - even if you are doing nothing but just picking your favorite custom neon signs!

The biggest mistake that people often make while buying a neon sign for their home, office or desk is to overlook the color coding.

Believe me, when I say this, just as the right colors and design can lift up your mood, a disastrous color combination can kill it! 

So no matter how pretty that custom neon sign looked when you were buying it, not placing it in an appropriate colored setting - or not considering the color of the background it will be placed in, can seriously backfire on your decorative intentions!

Neon sign makers like Sculpt Neon Signs identify this issue and hence they have a wide range of custom neon signs to pick just the right color for your setting! But first, let’s get started by cultivating a basic sense of color coding!

Color Combinations To Avoid!

Let’s get some clear cut ideas about certain color combinations that you should avoid most of the time when picking custom neon signs

1.    Try To Avoid Using Dark Colors Together

Can you imagine using a brown/navy/deep purple neon sign for a black background? Ugh, that’s a horrible murder of style and color coding! It would not only make that corner look awfully dull but also quite depressing.

2.    Don’t Match Everything

Do you think a red neon sign would look great on a red wall? Or a yellow neon sign would look amazing on a yellow background? Well, it wouldn’t. In simple terms, you can’t match everything in one single color - it would make everything look boring and kind of bizarre!

3.    Picking The Wrong Color For The Setting

When you are deciding which color neon sign to pick, always consider the areas you will be using it in. Is it for your bedroom? Work desk? Bedside table? Or something to use in a romantic setting? Don’t end up using the wrong custom neon sign for the wrong spaces!

4.    Combining Cool And Warm Colors

Many people might find this going against the ideal “contrast” and “complementary” color setting - but it doesn’t. Cool and warm colors are known for their psychological impact on your mood and combining these two apparently conflicting colors will not make for a great setting at all.

5.    Using Colors In Equal Proportions

Remember, no one likes to see an equal part of each color in any setting as it ruins the visual effect. If you are ever using colored custom neon signs, make note of the different ratios in which the background and other colors have been used. Always remember that there is a dominant color that your neon sign will most likely accentuate.

Color Combinations You Can Try!

Some color combinations go well most of the time and can literally transform the interiors of your home if you do it right.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are not the same but a slightly different set of colors that are used in a combination to accentuate each other.

Since custom neon lights are obviously “lights”, you can use a lighter tone of color in neon signs to accentuate the darker background.

Complementary color combinations are great for the purpose of highlighting each other and it makes for creating a rather energizing environment.

Contrast Colors

Contrast colors are usually very opposite of each other in tint and hue. The most famous contrast color combination is, of course, black and white.

While complementary colors accentuate each other, contrast colors focus on bringing out the differences in each other.

For example, if your background is dark green and you use light pink neon light, both will stand out equally and create a very clear and beautiful visual.

Analogous Color Schemes

These are color combinations where you use three colors that fall right next to each other on the color palette.

An analogous color scheme creates a sort of harmony in a space without making them boring in any way.

One good example of an analogous color scheme would be the use of the colors red, orange and yellow. When the background is analogous, you can use any of the three colors for your custom neon light to be - it’ll fit the scene beautifully.

Some Color Combinations To Use

Now let’s see what are some of the most effective color combinations and then have a look at some of the examples.

With Red

With a red background, yellow, white, green and blue colored neon lights would look the best. Depending on the interior's color scheme, you can also use beige and multicolored neon lights.

With Brown

If the background is brown - consider woody textures, tables or headboards - using cream, pink and light-green neon lights would give the best results. Additionally, for specific cases, bold colors like red and purple can also be used.

With Orange

If the background involves orange color, you should go for blue, violet or white custom neon lights. Try avoiding pink or red if the background is monochromatic or else the whole setting would look utterly dull and boring.

With Yellow

For a background that's yellow in color, avoid using cream colored, pink or yellow neon lights. Instead, your best choice would be to pick blue, violet and in some cases, red neon lights.

With Green

For those who have a green background - or are using neon lights against the backdrop of several plants - your best option would be orange, golden, reddish shades, blue or pink neon lights. The golden yellow always works the best magic!

With Blue

If the background consists of hues of dark blue, go for neon lights that are lilac, yellowish-green, different shades of yellow, orange, red or white. For a light or sky blue background, pick cherry red, pink, cream or dark purple neon lights and avoid light green.

With Pink

If the background is pink, you can go with custom neon lights that are white, green, blue or turquoise. You can also use green and orange in some cases.

When You Combine Colors…

The one thing that you must keep in mind while combining these various colors is that these are the most loved color combinations in general - but they aren't the ultimate rule!

The one thing about colors is that they have millions of shades and although we can help you with basics, don't hesitate to use your own creativity and experiment!

In the end, you can always get the best custom neon lights from Sculpt Neon Signs who have a variety of neon signs in a multitude of colors and designs! So don't worry - go with your guts and pick the best one!