Deck Your Hallway Ceiling With LED Neon Signs

Humans have always been fascinated by the sky and the personification of the ‘beyond’. Perhaps this is why we are fascinated with ceilings. The glowing constellation from the ceiling of a child’s room or marvel of the Sistine chapel. Beautiful ceilings captivate us, they represent the aspirations for the beyond. While you can hire someone to paint you the last supper or Dante's hell, Sculpt has an alternative. The century-appropriate and feasible hallway ceiling LED neon signs! A wide array of options to choose from as well as a custom design for the new age Van Gogh deep inside of you! 

Design choices for everyone's imagination

Sculpt Neon Signs offer ‘shop by collection’, ‘create your own designs’, and ‘multi-colour neon signs’ categories. Each of these is a rabbit hole to a world as imaginative as Alice's wonderland dream! You can browse our designs online, for occasions, popular quotes, viral sayings, motivational lines to symbols, and logos.  Be it Christmas or bachelorette we will have a sign for you. And if your mind is one that wonders, we welcome your canvas. Sculpt custom builds signs with the colour combination of your choice exclusively for your living and workspaces!   

Sculpt Neon Signs offer a range of sizes and colours, ranging from 50cm to 250cm with size recommendations for different occasions. Our multi colour selections allow you to choose from Charmander or Pikachu to Air Jordan, Angel Wings, and Passion-full signs.   

You choose us, we meet you all the way   

Sculpt Neon Signs does not just manufacture and deliver you neon lights, we desire our products to be experiential not a commodity. Our values of creativity, affordability, and accessibility are demonstrated in our services. These neon signs will become part of your child’s new room, your new business's logo, or hang in your bachelor pad. Our products are easy to fix requiring no super specialising tools or expertise. With our simple fixing guide, you can put it up yourself. If we have a sign you love and are forced to buy it from a competitor due to pricing, we will meet you all the way. 

Our neon lights for your walls and ceilings are manufactured, marketed, and sold to clients who want to ‘light up their lives.  Our product range, prices, and two-year warranty have the motivation to facilitate the accessibility and enjoyability of our custom neon signs. The ease of fixing and operation makes it universally easy to set up, either in small rooms or larger halls. 

Let your story be written in neon lights 

If your walls and ceilings are proverbial storytellers, we want to give them more colour, style, and character. Sculpt Neon Signs want or be part of your journey and our products inspire, motivate, and energies you. The neon sign hanging as your quote, comic character, or your business logo celebrates past, present, and the future.

Our signs are affordable, easy to fix and maintain, even custom-made all to display your story!