Ideas To Use Custom Neon Signs At Home, Hotel, Office And Restaurants

Custom neon signs can literally revitalise a dull setting or interior with their bold brilliance and cosmopolitan look. All the great cities in the world known for their amazing nightlife are graced by the beauty of these neon lights.

What’s even more amazing about neon signs is how vitally versatile they are, transcending the boundaries of time. No matter the theme or look you are going for, you can always get perfect, custom neon signage for the occasion.

Architects, interior designers and most aesthetic lovers will tell you how they use a custom neon sign to decorate their favourite corner. 

Moreover, custom neon sign makers like Sculpt Neon Signs have made it easy for almost everyone to access a neon sign best suited for their needs. Be it home, office, hotels or restaurants, there is something for everyone. 

So how can you use different neon signs for different spaces? Let’s start first with home sweet home!

For Home

The thing to keep in mind when using custom neon lights at home is to make sure it goes with the background and your purpose.

Why do you want to use the neon sign? Is it solely for the purpose of decorating the house and bringing in an artsy twist to the old boring interiors? Or do you want to use it for mood upliftment while you are in bed, ready to relax and fall asleep?

For The Bedroom 

You can use many intimate signs that have a personal significance for you. For your work corner, you can use inspiring signages to motivate yourself. 

For The Living Room 

You can use the classical, sassy signages that can help bring out your personality and subtly communicate it to your guests.

For The Guest Room 

You can use various welcome signs to help your guests warm up and feel at home in your place. Custom neon lights can be a great way of making them feel cosy and telling them how much effort you put in to make sure they feel welcomed.

Sculpt neon signs have an option for your every need. You can get custom neon signs for your bedroom, living room, inspirational ones for your study desk and so on. 

Hotels And Restaurants

As far as hotels and restaurants are concerned, there are multiple ways they can use custom neon signages to give a wonderful experience to their customers. 

For Name

The best way to use custom neon signs is as a nameplate. It is helpful in making your hotel/restaurant stand out at the nighttime and easy to spot. 

Using the right font and colours can create an inviting mood for customers who might otherwise pick another hotel or restaurant in the proximity.

For Directions

Again, one of the most practical and helpful ways to use neon signages at restaurants and hotels is to use them as directional lighting.

Be it bathroom, pool, cash counter, stairways - custom neon signs can be of tremendous help to your customers. They can find their own way and won’t have to go around asking for directions from every next person they see.

As A Greeting

Neon signs can be both funky and elegant ways of greeting your customers. You can use various signs like, Hello, See You Again, Thank You, etc to greet your customers. These signs are both considerate and polite.

As A Theme

The thing with hotels and restaurants is that you have customers all around the year - even on special days, and festivities. Using themed neon signs for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc can be a really great one-time investment.

For Offices

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a beautiful and bold custom neon sign is not something to use in a professional space. 

There is a wide range of custom neon signs that various offices can use around their office - brand name signage, directional signage, inspirational signage, even decorative signage.

The most important thing to keep in mind while using neon signages at offices is to keep in mind the colour combination and work culture of your office.

Do you believe in making friends with your employees and enjoying a friendlier, relaxed culture in the workplace? In that case, using something that looks friendlier would be great.

Or do you believe more in the hard, grinding culture of working hard and fast with a serious and professional attitude? Various custom neon signages can be used to remind your employees of their work culture and ethics.

Apart from that, many offices actually use neon signages to put their products and services on display - something related to their field of work. 

Here are some ways to use neon signages at your office:

  • For the name of your company
  • The tagline of your company
  • To express the company culture
  • To express your work ethics
  • To display your field of work
  • To display your achievements
  • To create a professional and elegant interior
  • For purely the sake of beautiful interiors

Custom Neon Signs Are Versatile

In the end, that’s the most important thing to remember. Give up the idea that neon signs are only good for certain places. Or that they should not be used in a professional setting.

The world of designing and decors have changed tremendously in the last few decades and everything has adjusted accordingly. Custom neon signs are no exception.

You will find various interior designers and architects using neon signs in the very structure of a place while designing them from scratch. If your house has already been made without neon signs - don’t worry, it’s not late yet!

Neon sign makers like Sculpt Neon Signs have revolutionized the neon signs decor business with their wide range of signs to pick from. No matter what you are redecorating - your room, house, hotel, restaurant or office - they have something for everyone. 

So go and start decorating your favourite space right away!